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Saturday, July 13, 2013

T minus 12 hours

Finally the day is at hand.  In about 7 hours I'll be getting into one of these tin cans
and about 5 hours after that I'll be landing in the Las Vegas aka Sin City, aka the Promised Land or more commonly, the place where people lose much money.  Those big castles were not built by winning gamblers after all.

Notice how they never show you the back side of the sign?  I have it on good authority it says "So Long and Thanks for all the Cash"  I guess Douglas Adams worked for the city many years ago.

The packing is just about done.  Hopefully nothing has been forgotten but we shall see.  I will try to do a little posting from there using the Ipad and Bluetooth keyboard I recently acquired.  Of course I do expect to stay pretty busy as well, and even when I'm not in Vegas I wouldn't say I'm the most diligent blogger around.  I'll definitely post any major scores, if I do actually achieve any.  Last time all of the major scores were done by the PQ and yours truly definitely lost his shirt in both poker and video poker as well as craps. 

I keep getting interrupted by other pressing needs getting ready to go and all so I'll wrap this up now.  It's now T minus 8 hrs and 8 minutes until we land in Vegas.  I hope to see some of you there.  Sorry I missed some others.  And as the Pointer Sisters once said "I'm so excited"


Rob said...

See you soon!

Memphis MOJO said...

They are not tin cans, they're aluminum tubes. Good luck!

lightning36 said...

Hope you get some big scores to write about. Good luck!

The Neophyte said...

Made it but had a delay on the flight out and at baggage claim after landing in Vegas. Did a bit of gambling that night, the PQ did not score, yours truly had a very nice run on the craps table but otherwise was frustrated in all other endeavors and both went to bed early by Vegas standards. Yesterday was much better from my perspective.

Cedric said...

This is great!