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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sorry for the delay

Well it's been about 3 weeks since I last wrote. I apologize for my silence but I just haven't had much to talk about. Poker has been on a major downturn, the big hands are few and the suckouts against me are many. Big pairs stand almost no chance in my hands and my draws never seem to get there. So enough of that depressing business.

Not much else has been going on personally. It's been all work, some Dr appointments, and losing poker. Took the daughter out to play some poker when she turned 18 2 weeks ago. I enjoyed that and though it wasn't profitable, it didn't cost much either. She has much to learn about over valueing her hands but it was a good time. Managed to get my aces cracked twice in 30 minutes. So my online luck carried over.

Just got back from Orlando last night. The wife and I took our youngest to college. Oh that was a trying experience. First off, her dorm is nicer than my first apartment. It's a four bedroom apartment basically. She has 3 roommates and they each have a separate bedroom, share 2 bathrooms and a kitchen and living room. Are you kidding me??? If my college dorm was that nice, I never would have left college. In fact I thought that was why they made dorms so austere was to convince you that drunken partying, late night bull sessions, coeds, cards, and grass (for most, not me) wasn't all it was cracked up to be and to get you to move on with your life. Instead, she's set up and if she wants to take the ten year route to get a degree what's the drawback?

It was a bit of a rough weekend especially for the mama hen. She always has this thing about letting go of her chicks. But this is her last chick. That probably hurts the most but she was very good and only cried a little bit when we left for the last time yesterday. Still I could tell she was a bit down and upset last night. She kind of is today as well. Have to expect that. Seems this is just another difference between guys and gals. I'm all for kicking them out of the house, she would be happy if they all lived with us forever. I'd like to think it's because I realize it's best for the kids to have a chance to grow and they need freedom to do so whereas she wants to smother them but I'd be lying to say that. It's more like a want some peace and quiet after all this time and she wants the liveliness and fun of having them around. And they are a lot of fun, especially now as adults. They are very good at picking out my idiosyncracies and pointing them out to me.

I know I'm gonna miss having the girl around sometimes, especially when she was in the cookie baking mood. But my word is she messy too. Everything she plays with stays behind when she is done with it. Picking up after her is a full time job. I am looking forward to putting a bunch of things away and knowing they won't be wandering back out when my back is turned. But it's just not the same without some young voices around. I'm a crotchety old man or at least I'm well on my way there. They make me feel young. I am afraid without them around I'll just become ever more set in my ways than I already am. And I'm practically stone as it is.

Still I look forward to seeing how the next few years go, and how much my daughter changes. She is getting so grown up but she has so much more to do and college is her first big chance to get out in the world alone. I remember how it was for me to get away and have to depend on myself. I hope she does well, doesn't get her heart broken (much) by people, by the world, by boyfriends. She is not naive I suppose but maybe unworldly? She sees the good in everybody and has not learned yet that some people have no good. I fear she will find that out the very hard way. Still she is a wonderful girl and I am proud she is my daughter. Her mother did a great job raising her, many times without much help from me. I can't wait to see how she turns out now.

I'll write more on a poker theme later. For now, stay lucky you nuts. And give the kids a hug.