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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Singing a tune and promising the moon

Well it is going to come to pass I fear and man is it gonna be ugly. Our President is so bound and determined to push through this monstrosity of a health care "reform" bill and I cannot understand why he wants this so much. Well I wish I didn't understand it but he wants to push something major through so that he can go to his constituents and say "See, I told you I would reform health care and I have" Never mind that it won't be reforming anything, it will just be telling more people what to do. Never mind that it won't save any money but will cost more, add to our budget deficit when we can least afford to do it, and will cut down on choice and availability. None of that matters to him. But instead of me ranting on and on, let me direct you to this post which says it much better than I do: http://www.newsweek.com/id/234953?GT1=43002.

Of course everything that goes wrong is blame it on Bush, blame it on the Republicans, etc. He's been President for over a year and still it's blame Bush, blame the Repubs, blame this, blame that. Just don't blame him or you're racist. You would think someone would get the message when as democratic and liberal a state as Massachusetts actually elected a relatively unknown Republican who campaigned on going against this bill. Hello? McFly? Anybody in there??

You know he talked a good game after Scott Brown was elected. "We will do it in a bipartisan way and get everyone involved" I remember hearing. Of course I heard that during the election in 2008 but once elected what did I hear? Hey we won, someone needs to remember that. Then he invites all the dems to the White House and basically shuts out the Republicans. After that he goes to the Republican Retreat and tells them they aren't willing to work with him and the Dems. Well that's a two way street. If this health care bill had included tort reform as well as extending health care to the uninsured, the Republicans would have had to support it. As it stands now it's just an Obamanation.

Well enough for now. It's bed time. Long past actually but that iced coffee I had a couple of hours ago really charged me up I guess. Anyway good night and good luck. We're gonna need it I fear.