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Monday, July 22, 2013

Vegas Part 1: Sundays with Rob

Last Sunday started out at 8 am and a balmy 90 degrees in sunny Las Vegas.  I know, I know, many of you degenerate gamblers (and you know who you are) believe that 8 am is perfect sleep time in Vegas.  I would agree except that to my body it is 11 am Florida time and nothing I can do will apparently change that today.

Vegas has been it's usual up and down self.  I really cannot complain much about my results.  Sunday night I made a nice score on craps but gave it all back playing video poker and 3 card poker with the PQ.  She has not really made the kind of legendary run she made last time we were here yet.  I am sure it is coming soon.  I got a taste of it yesterday.

We started our morning on Sunday by visiting the Hash House A Go Go in the M resort.  We had never been there before and I must say it is a very impressive property.  I brought the Ipad with me when we went there so that I could do a little surfing and mapping of our day at breakfast.  I also had a 10 dollar off coupon for HH from the American Casino Guide I bought this year.  Paid for the book right there.  Going to use another coupon or 2 today as well.

Breakfast was as usual marvelous and unfinishable.  The PQ had eggs, bacon and a pancake bigger than her head even if she had an 80s hairdo.  It had bites of Snicker bars in it.  OMG sweet but very tasty.  I had the HH Benedict which is poached eggs on top of applewood bacon on top of fresh spinach on top of biscuits on top of grilled mashed potatoes.  All covered by a delicious roasted pepper cream sauce.  While not a foot high pie, it was at least a half foot high breakfast.  The PQ and I gave it our all but finishing was not achievable by mere mortals like us.

We gambled a bit in the M after that.  What a nice casino and the staff was very pleasant and friendly.
We were both impressed.  I was even more impressed when I realized I had stupidly left my Ipad sitting next to a VP machine when I got up and left.  We were leaving when the PQ asked where it was.  I was so mad at myself and had about figured the Ipad was a case of easy come easy go when I went back to the machine and nothing was there.  But an observant staff member of the property found it and turned it in to security and shortly thereafter we were reunited.  Major kudos to the M resort, you are a top notch operation and I plan to do more gaming there in the future.

On the way down to the  casino we traveled directly down Las Vegas Blvd rather than taking the highway as we had never been all the way down there and I wanted to check out South Pointe as well.  We almost got to witness our own episode of Cops too.  Just past the Welcome to Vegas sign a cop had an SUV pulled over.  We didn't think much of it.  A few minutes and a couple of intersections later we are waiting at a redlight while the cars going north on Las Vegas Blvd turn left at the light.  This same SUV comes flying past us at 60 mph or so, goes right around the cars waiting at the light and then somehow charges thru the cars that are turning without slamming into one and charges off down the road.  The PQ and I are amazed he didn't kill someone or himself as he almost lost control doing this maneuver.  We are also amazed no cops are chasing him.  A bit later I thought I saw the SUV turn into the parking lot at this Budget Hotel place.  Maybe half a minute later 2 cops come cruising past us, no lights and not really pushing the speed limit  either.  Then they hit their lights and keep going past the Budget Hotel.  I'm not sure if they had a helicopter following the SUV or what because the next intersection both cops take a quick U Turn and another cop come north up LV Blvd and into the hotel parking lot they go.

I'm not sure what all was going on there but 6 hours later on our way back to Ballys, there were still 4 cop cars in the Hotel parking lot.  And the lesson as always boys and girls is "Don't run from the po po."

From M we headed back north to the South Pointe casino to check that out.  We liked the place but not as much as M.  The PQ went to work her video poker magic while I decided to try out the craps table.  Got on a nice run and cashed out a sweet little 150 profit.  The PQ was not having much luck on the VP machines but after I sat down with her she got on one of her patented runs and crushed it.
She hit 5 quads in the space of maybe 45 minutes.  I had gone back to the craps table and this time got runover by the table instead so I came back to her on the back side of this.  While none of them  were monster quads , they all paid a nice chunk.

While at the South Pointe I got a text from Rob here to fore known as Boob Rob that he had wrapped up his work for the day and was in the MGM poker room.  So we headed back up LV Blvd to Ballys to change up and join Rob.  Which was our mistake.  For some reason LV Blvd was closed northbound right before MGM.  What a traffic nightmare.  Took a while to get back to Ballys and that was after managing to sidetrack around some of the mess.  Going back to MGM afterwards showed how the traffic nightmare was now a disaster.  Cars everywhere. Buses too.  Luckily we were going Southbound and managed to go speeding past them all the way to the MGM valet.  After walking through the immensity of MGM we finally make it to the poker room. 

Rob was already seated at a table when I got there so since he had sent me his table number and position I introduced myself and we talked a little between hands.  I got on the list and got seated shortly afterward.  When they seated me I asked for a transfer to Robs table when it became available and lo and behold it happened almost immediately.  Not long after the seat to Rob's right opened and I slid right in.  Early on I got involved in a hand with a loose guy to my right.  I flopped top pair with a so so kicker and didn't want to risk much money on it.  So I didn't push the turn and let the guy beat me on the river when he hit his second pair.  I ended up losing more money by calling his river bet much as I didn't want to.  If he hadn't caught we were looking at a chopped pot I think.  Later on I got into it with the same guy when I raised with AK and got 3 callers.  Flop was KK7 and I made a smallish continuation bet.  Only he called and when a blank hit the river I just checked.  On the river he couldn't help himself and bet into me when a queen hit the board.  I reraised him and he paid me off reluctantly because he just couldn't put me on a K.  Unfortunately I managed to give back a chunk chasing a nice draw and by the time Rob and I met up with the PQ for dinner I was down about 60 bucks. 

Rob and I both cashed out together and he had exactly one hundred more than I did.  After he cashed and the gal behind the counter was cashing me out she gave me 240 instead of the 140 I was owed.  I immediately pointed out her error and gave her back the hundred.  After how I got my Ipad back that very day, what was I gonna do?  Take an extra hundred out of the MGM poker room? Why mess with that Karma?

Rob generously treated us to dinner at Wolfgang Pucks using his many comps to pay for it.  Not a bad deal at all.  Both Rob and I had the burger which was very tasty.  The PQ had a pizza which I tried and liked quite a bit as well.  We talked and laughed and Rob still treated us even after the PQ asked him if he was "Boob Rob".  I was giving Rob a hard time that nothing wild had happened even though we had played poker for 2 hours.  He assured me the night was young and we would see plenty.  Boy was he right.

We got back to the poker room were seated not long after.  While I was waiting to be seated the counter gal came over to thank me again for returning the cash.  Very nice of her to do so and I explained to her how someone had done me a good turn earlier that day, it was the least I could do.  We sat in for more poker.  Rob being the experienced MGM man that he is made sure we were positioned perfectly to view the upcoming parade.   And boy did we.  We were in the 2 and 3 seats on the table, facing the aisle many of the young lovelies walked up to go to the club.  So we basically had a frontal view of these scantily clad bimbettes ladies who then would turn to the right and follow the walkway along the front of the poker room presenting us an offering interesting side view. 

That's not to say all of the young women were dressed like wayward tramps looking for their next pickup.  Some of them were dressed quite tastefully all things considered.  But the vast majority of them seemed to revel in wearing less fabric than what was in my t shirt along with no bra and I will not hazard a guess on how many of them were going commando as well.  It was quite a parade.  Hell we even played some poker. 

There were a number of loose aggros at the table including the youngish French guy to my left, the guy next to him, and the guy in the 8 seat across from us.  Rob tangled with the guy in 8 first.  I believe he flopped a low set against him but had to give it up on the river when the turn and river put 2 or 3 possible straights out there.  A little later we got into it when he was in the big blind and I raised in early position with QQ.  Both blinds called me.  The flop was 9 8 3 with 2 clubs.  Seat 8 led out for $21 which I then repopped to $65.  The small blind folded and seat 8 called.  I put him on maybe A8 or A9 or possibly the club flush draw.  Possibly both.  The turn was the queen of spades.  Didn't help him and gave me the set but I only had about 140 left with nearly that much in the pot.  When he checked to me I figured the best move was to push in.  If he wanted to draw to a flush or straight he was gonna have to pay for it.   He looked at me a long time before finally folding giving me a decent pot.  It got a bit later and I started to get pretty tired even though Rob and I were having a pretty good time chatting and people watching.  I decided to call a raise from the big blind with Q 10 of hearts.   Flop was KJ3 all hearts.  Bingo.  I checked and let the crazy Frenchie to my left bet out.  Both me and the guy to his left called.  Turn was a black 8.  Frenchie checked and the guy to his left bet 15.  I called and the Frenchman folded.  River was another 3.  I checked again and the guy to my left bet out 25.  I didn't figure him for the boat but decided to play it a little safer and just called.  He had a K but nothing else and I ended the night positive with my flush. 

Well I better wrap this up.  I gotta work in the morning and this post is getting positively Rob-like.  I have a good bit more to post which I'll try to wrap up this week.  Good night to everybody. 


Rob said...

My pleasure on the dinner, Neo!

Glad you liked the Slut Parade. Sunday night was actually mild compared to Saturday nites! And it was just a coincidence that we got that table, I didn't request it (honest).

On the hand of mine you referenced, I flopped a set of 5's but the guy wouldn't go away and by the river the board had a 2,3,4 out there. All he needed for the straight was an Ace or a 6. What were the odds of his having an Ace? Too good, i thought.

Great to finally meet you and the PQ.

lightning36 said...

Great start to the trip. Looks like the Wolfgang Puck hamburger and pizza show is getting to be the standard Rob treat.

Although the eye candy is good, I really long for the old MGM poker room.

Rob said...

Lightning: I'm waiting for MGM to open a place that sells Bra Burgers. That is sorely needed if they want to keep the poker blogger business. How about having the ladies who can't get into the club because it's oversold bring us burgers wearing the outfits they wear to the clubs? That could be better than bra burgers.

Once the club opened, they had no choice but to move the poker room. As I documented, it was impossible to play poker there when the club was open. It will be interesting to see what they can do with the current location by way of remodel to give it a better feel. Also, they are turning the old Lion habitat location into a Sports Bar which should also help the room.