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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Quck Vegas Recap

I started this while sitting in McCarren Int'l Airport waiting to board my Southwest Airlines flight home from the City of Lights, the City of Fights, the City of Late Nights, yes Las Vegas Nevada.  Wow a whole week went by already.

Sorry I did not post while here, it was just so hard to carve out time to do it.  I started a good post on Monday morning but then it got long and we had to go and next thing I know it's Friday and I still hadn't finished it.  But I figured I would recap a bit here and then flesh it out in some later posts.

Our flight was delayed Saturday so we got in a little late.  Then baggage claim decided to extend the lateness a bit too but eventually we got settled, got the rental car and made it to Ballys to check in.  We were already getting tired as we didn't arrive there until about 8.  After grabbing a bite to eat we did a little gambling and got to bed.

Sunday morning we were up early, especially by Vegas standards, so we went to breakfast at Hash House A Go Go.  This time we went to the one in the M resort since we had never been there.  Gambled a bit had a good time but I managed to do something pretty stupid which fortunately did not come back and haunt me.  Liked the M resort a lot and the staff was especially nice and helpful as well.

From there we hit the South Pointe where we also had never gone.  I had a hot streak on the dice which was really nice and the PQ got some video poker machines to talk dirty to her pay her off so we both made a score.  Finally Rob texted that he was ready to face the day and we met up in the MGM poker room for some fun and a little profit.  It was a very interesting time and Rob used his comps to take us all to dinner at Wolfgang Pucks for which the PQ and I were both grateful.  This was where the Boob Rob question occurred.

Monday we went downtown to gamble a bit.  On the way we hit the Peppermill for one of their legendary breakfasts and were not displeased again.  We weren't planning on staying too long but it turned into a most of the day affair.  We started at the D where the PQ did a lot of mostly unsuccessful video poker playing while I had a really fun time at the craps table.  Even recognized and talked to someone semi famous there.  We then went to Binions for some video poker and more craps for me.  I made a few dollars there on the dice, made more from the video poker but then the PQ got a hot streak going and had a nice return.  We ate an early dinner there and spent the night gambling fruitlessly (in my case) back at Ballys.  We both got killed on the 3 card poker, the dice let me down a bit, and video poker just killed me.  I did manage to hit a quad right before bed but that was the only bright spot in that session.

Tuesday we went to one of our favorite casinos, Casino Royale.  While the place is kind of a dive especially by Vegas strip standards, the people are always friendly, the servers take great care of you and the craps are cheap with a 20X odds allowed.  I was betting $3 on the pass line and putting 10 - 20 behind on the odds bets.  I broke even on the craps.  The PQ did not do well in video poker but again scored there on the 3 card poker hitting a 3 of a kind while sitting on my right.  I still have never gotten a 3 of a kind or straight flush in 3 card poker.  From there we went to another casino we had never been, the Silverton resort which is west of the strip near the South Pointe.  At the Silverton I found out what it's like to go on a PQ type heater.  Man it felt good.

Wednesday was my birthday so to celebrate we went to the Cosmopolitan for the buffet at the Wicked Spoon.  It was a great breakfast and the Cosmo is a beautiful casino but I didn't get much of a vibe from it.  We went next door to Aria and played there for a while including playing the 1pm tourney.  That was a good tourney but I misplayed a couple of hands costing myself a chance at getting in the money. 

Thursday was a travel day.  We visited Zion National Park in Utah.  It was a nice trip out there and some great views of the mountains, the landscapes and wildlife.  From there we went down to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  It was also gorgeous there though not in the way we expected.  It was a pretty long day of driving and by the time we got back we were pretty beat.  Had a nice lunch in a cafĂ© in the bustling metropolis of Kanab, Utah.

Friday was move out day from Ballys.  We did a bit more gambling there as we hadn't done too much in Caesars properties then headed back to Casino Royale to spend some time before going on to our last night's stay at Green Valley Ranch.  Now that was a good decision.  The room was almost as big as our house 

Which brings us to Saturday also known as the Day of Tears or the day we left Vegas.  Gambled a little at GVR then headed to the M resort as I wanted to spend a little more gaming time there.  I wanted to make sure I let them know how good a job I thought they did there before we left.  In too short a time it was time to head to the airport, turn in the car and board the big aluminum tube back to Tampa.  Which is where I am posting this from now.  Wow how I wish I was back in Vegas still.  Unfortunately it will probably be a while before we can head back.  Till then I hope we all can stay lucky.


Memphis MOJO said...

Good recap. Happy birthday!

The Neophyte said...

Thanks Mojo. More to come when I finish sleeping off the trip. 9 hours last night and a couple of hours this afternoon helped.

JT88Keys said...

You can't tease things like "I managed to do something pretty stupid which fortunately did not come back and haunt me" or "Even recognized and talked to someone semi famous there" without providing more details, man.

The Neophyte said...

Patience JT and I will explain in the subsequent posts, believe. Even the stupid part.

lightning36 said...

Of course, the highlight of the post was "Boob Rob." : o )

On one of my recent trips we went to both South Point and M. Liked them (especially the South Point buffet) but don't know if I want to drive that far.