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Monday, May 3, 2010

Why do the English pronounce it Darby?

Hope everyone had a fiscally rewarding weekend this weekend. Mine was actually decent though it was not from playing poker where I scraped all weekend to stay even. I didn't even play any live poker either, just online. I did make it over to Derby Lane Saturday but only to place bets for the Kentucky Derby. My wife and I do it every year, mostly I pick long shots and she picks whatever horse strikes her fancy. We also put down some bets for a couple of her friends and her grandmother. Then we went over to her grandmother's place and picked up some KFC on the way which is another thing we do every year for the Derby.

So the wife, the daughter and I are there eating KFC with my mother in law and her mother and waiting for the race to go off. I'm not much of a horse racing enthusiast but I do watch the triple crown every year and since I can go to the local dog track and poker room to bet on it, that makes it even more interesting. I placed about $40 worth of bets. A few horses to win/place and a couple of exacta boxes (an exacta bet picks the 1st and 2nd place finishers in order, a box takes them in either order but with half the winning amount) with both the 1 horse (Lookin at Lucky) and the 2 horse (Ice Box). I played about 6 other horses with both the 1 and 2 and hoped for the best. With all the rain and the muddy track, no one could predict who was gonna win I thought but from what I read, the only 2 horses that showed they could come back and pass other horses to win were Ice Box and Lookin at Lucky. Of course you saw the race you saw that the 4 horse (Super Saver) come along the rail and pass Paddy O Prado to win the race. I had a win ticket on Paddy but not on Super Saver so I didn't like that. Also I needed Lucky or Icebox to finish first or second to win an exacta bet. So a 4-10 finish screws me pretty badly. One of our friends bets hit with Super Saver but none of us had him so we were not thrilled with the Derby even though it was a good race.

But lo and behold, we see a replay of the finish and see that Ice Box kept coming and ended up taking second place. YESSS. I hit one of the exactas plus a place ticket on Ice Box. The place was about 12 bucks and the exacta was 153 but since I had it boxed, I got 76. I'll take it.

That was the most success I had for the weekend as even with the winnings I was too broke to play cards live. I did play online a good bit (as I have this weekend as well) but it was bad beat hell for me. I managed to lose with AA to K8 and J8 and I raised them both preflop, I don't slow play AA. Seemed like when I was ahead I lost, when I was behind I never caught up, and it was suckout hell for me. This weekend has been much the same though not quite as bad. I'm hoping it turns soon, before I am completely bust lol.

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