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Monday, May 31, 2010

Pain is also a 4 letter word.

Picture of me from last night. Played in a tourney and did not play well. Didn't help that I hardly got anything playable but I also made a couple of bad plays that led to my demise. My final hand I raised in the cutoff seat with 4-5 of hearts and got one caller in the small blind. This guy played a lot of hands. I was getting short stacked by then due to my lack of hands and a bad play earlier but it was not desperation time. Flop is AK3 with AK of hearts. I have a gutshot straight plus flush draw which is not bad. My opponent checks and I bet about 40% of my chips. Opponent reraises me all in. I have to call I figure as I know I'm behind but I have too many outs not to call now. I figure he must have AJ or A10, possibly AQ but not AK. I was shocked to see he had A6 of diamonds. He gave me absolutely no credit for a hand. He was right but I played pretty tight and not many hands so I was surprised. Anyway I didn't improve and it was good night Irene

I went to play cash tables from there. It was fun but it was painful. I could not connect with the flops at all. When I did, I kept getting rivered. Twice I flopped sets but the river did me in. Limit holdem sucks that way. As for my hands, I got a lot of good looking hands that just got no help from the flop (or turn or river for that matter) and just ended up costing me money to play the hand. It got so bad I had the two red queens preflop. Raised. Got 6 callers. And the flop, river and turn were all spades. I lost to some guy with the 8 of spades in his hand. I did have fun and played with some fun people but it was painful watching every good hand get hammered. It was too bad too because the 2 people to my right were HORRIBLE. Playing every hand, calling and betting with 2nd & 3rd pairs. I got some chips off them but just gave them away with every hand that didn't hit. Oh well, that is how it goes in low limit holdem. I will play the smaller blind no limit holdem next time I think.

Well it's bed time for bozo. Good night all and good luck on the felt. Till then, stay lucky you nuts.

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