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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Whaddaya gotta do to win around here?

Well gang as good as I have been running in the live games, I have been running horribly online. All month it's just been a series of bad beats, river rats, runner runner straights and lets not forget our own bad plays. Because lord knows I've made some bad ones. I think lately I feel people are trying to bluff me more than they are and make some bad calls. Having said that, in the space of less than an hour I managed to get AA three times, raise every time to get 1 or 2 callers, and lost twice. And I lost to some crap hands like K-7. And amazing how many times I have lost good hands preflop to Ace-rag. People calling all their chips or most of them on A4 and beating QQ, KK AQ and the like. Just ugly.

Today hasn't been quite as bad but it still isn't running great. I just can't make a good hand stand up. Raised QQ preflop and got 2 callers. Flop is king high and one jerk has called my raise with K2. Of course. I know poker is like that but how long is it gonna last? I'm going broke here.

But enough complaining. This past week was fairly busy and I even ended up refereeing a football game on Thursday night. A lot of high schools play a spring game every year so I had to do a game this past week. It's been 6 months since I last did a game so I was a little rusty. 2nd play of the game someone runs right into my from behind. Welcome back to the football field!! Later on 2 guys were blocking each other and ran right up my back. Needless to say I was a little sore and stiff after that game. But it felt good to be out on the field again.
That's all from sunny Fla for today. I gotta cook some breakfast for the family and do some cleanup afterwards. I don't think I'll be doing any live card play though I am sure I will do some online stuff. Hopefully my luck will turn and my decisions get better. Till then, stay lucky.

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