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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Is it time for my nap?

Man am I beat. It was a bit of a rough week of work and then to cap it off I had to ref a football game last night (Friday). It was a surprisingly good game but a fair amount of up and down the field. I got kicked in the leg on the 2nd or 3rd play of the game and man it hurt. I found after the game when I undressed that I had two scrapes of a couple of inches long parallel to each other so the kid must have got me with the bottom of his cleats. Ouch. It was a warm and humid night so we worked up a good sweat. Players did too, had a couple of them down with leg cramps in the 2nd half. At least I have a 3 day weekend to recover from this. I'll need them cuz as tired as I was last night I still woke up at 6:25 this morning. Of course the dog helped with that. I tried to rollover but she was having none of that. Thought she needed to go outside so I head downstairs to do it and the wife was already down there. She told me she just took the dog out so I don't know what was going through that dog's mind.

Hey one of my fave movies is on. I do like TCM. Turner Classic Movies shows a lot of older great movies. This one is a John Wayne flick called In Harms Way. Directed by Otto Preminger. A great cast, besides Wayne you got Kirk Douglas (playing a kinda bad guy), Carroll O'Connor, Burgess Meredith, Patricia Neal, Paula Prentiss, Slim Pickens, Henry Fonda has a small part as does Larry Hagman. Great war flick that doesn't glorify war but does present a pretty accurate portrait of the sacrifices service men and women make. Especially when you consider almost all the big characters die at the end. Really a good movie and underrated.
So I hope everyone has big plans for the weekend. For myself, not so big. The little girl who is not so little and about to graduate high school has her prom tonight. So I probably won't be doing anything much tonight tho I may hit the local poker room and play a little Omaha after she goes. The wife wants to go on Sunday and play a tourney so I believe I will spend some time there then. Monday is definitely a day of rest. I know there will be some drinking as well. I'll probably play some more online today but I do have a few things to get done so we'll see if I post anything else. But I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and if I win the Powerball tonight, no one will ever hear from me again.
Stay thirsty my friends.


Josie said...

Sounds like a good workout....makes me long for The Pats! Do you get paid to ref?

I wish I was in florida - must be like a vacation all the time!

The Neophyte said...

Yes I get paid to ref though I won't ever get rich from it lol. I do everything from little kids up through high school. The high schools pay our associaton who pay us at the end of the season so I usually get some Christmas shopping money in November/December. The kids games pay us right there so during football season I get paid on Saturday and play poker with it on Sunday.

Vacation all the time? I know that is what you people up in North Yo-Land (remind me to tell you the Yo-Land story sometime) think but actually its everyone else's vacation, it's my place to live and work. So while all the vacationers are lost and trying to figure out where to go, I'm trying to get home from work in a reasonable amount of time. It's 90 today, it will be 90 tomorrow and for the next 5 or 6 months its gonna be 90

Josie said...

90 degrees every day sounds like heaven to me. I like it hot.

The Neophyte said...

I'm not surprised you like it hot Josie, that seems to fit right in with your personality. I moved down here for the warmth so I will never complain about the heat. Having said that, it really is nice to have the different seasons like you do.

Living where we do near Tampa is better than many other areas in Florida. There is almost always a breeze and the temps almost never get above 92 or so. Many days in the middle of the summer, it's hotter in Boston than it is here. You get away from the coast though and it gets much worse. 96 degrees with 90% humidity and no breeze. Not my idea of fun. Almost melted one day at D World in that kind of weather.