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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The death of a thousand cuts

Tuesday night I had the joy of seeing the final episode of Dancing with the Stars, hence the title of this post. 2 hours, 2 freaking hours of that stupendously mind numbing crap to tell us who of the last 3 teams left was the winner. I was ready to shoot myself by the time 11 rolled around. Of course the wife and daughter loved it all. Network TV is just about completely worthless today. Look at all of the shows that are popular on the major networks now. Most of them are "Reality TV" shows like The Bachelor, The Apprentice, Survivor, Dancing with the Stars, etc. Not true reality but a made up "reality". Unadulterated garbage IMHO. That's why almost all of the shows I like are not found on regular tv. I like reality tv just fine, but show my a real reality. I watch Deadliest Catch, Wildest Police Videos for my reality tv fix. Neither found on regular tv either. For regular shows I find the best shows are stuff like Saving Grace, In Plain Sight, Justified ( my newest fave - stars the guy who was the bad guy in the last Die Hard movie), Royal Pains is kinda fun too and my most favorite show that comes back on next week, Burn Notice. Why can't network tv be more like these shows. It used to be.

This also leads me into another show I saw last week that just made me want to pull out my hair. If anyone caught Grey's Anatomy last Thursday and you were in for a real treat. Now I know this is the season ending cliff hanger episode but my god could it have been any less real?? A guy is walking around the hospital shooting people and the police are standing outside the whole time?? This may have been the response back before Columbine but nowadays the last thing the cops are gonna do is stand outside and let some lone nut roam the halls killing people. And then they send in 5 guys to clear a whole hospital. What crap. And then one of the SWAT guys puts a bullet in the guy and knocks him down and then doesn't go over to him and disarm him or kill him or anything?? The guy just gets up and goes around looking for more people to kill. And then there's all these doctors and stuff, some who supposedly served in Iraq, and no one thinks to secure their area or ambush this guy. No you only have all of these supremely sharp medical instruments not to mention drugs and stuff but no one can fight back?? All a bunch of sheep. Oh no here comes the guy with the big bad gun. I must hide, I must run, I must stand there and let him decide whether or not to shoot me. What a bunch of HORSE SHIT.

Obviously these people never saw the program I did at work about being prepared should something go bad at work. It was about knowing your options, knowing exits, evade and hide, don't clump together and if you can't escape, try to surprise and overcome the shooter and take him down. It definitely was not hide and act like sheep and beg for your life. But then again, if one of them took down the killer, we would not have gotten that lovely anti-gun rant in near the end. It never ceases to amaze me how anti gun the liberal media and hollywood are. Unless of course they are making the next shoot em up blockbuster. It's amazing how so many people in this country do not want to take responsibility for themselves. Oh the government will take care of me. Look at the mess we have in this country from the government trying to take care of us. A huge budget deficit, an nasty new insurance law that may put us even deeper in debt, government bailing out Wall St and GM and Chrysler. When are we going to take responsibility for our own actions?

How did I get off on this rant? Damn I sound like one of these political bloggers. As much as I like to rant about the world I have generally made a conscious decision to stay off of politics for the most part when I blog cuz I get a bit worked up as my last paragraph shows. Anyway I did want to mention that Jason Lee (My Name Is Earl) has a new show coming out on of course TNT that looks like something I want to see. Name is Memphis Beat. Joe Bob says check it out.

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