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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Two Down, One To Go

Well I've had 2 tests done so far and both have been easier than I thought they would be. The echocardiogram went well, no problems found or anything. The CAT scan was even easier because they didn't inject me with dye (which always makes me vomit) and I didn't have to drink that berry/metallic crap before the test either. The doc just wanted a scan without the contrast they would get from using the dyes and stuff. So the CAT scan was easier and quicker than I thought it would be. Probably didn't hurt that they have improved CAT scans over the past 20 years since I last had one too. I didn't mind at all.

Got a call from the gastroenterologists office Friday to tell me I have gall stones. I don't know much about them but the doctor didn't seem too concerned. I have an appointment with my doctor on Monday and with the specialist in 2 weeks so I will talk to them both about it and see if I should be concerned. I read up about it a bit and it doesn't seem too bad, a lot depends how big the gall stones are in size.

This weekend is all about preparing for test number 3, the colonoscopy. I don't mind the actual test so much, hell I'm basically out of it for the test. That's a bit of a change from when I had my first test. I was awake through it all, saw the pictures and everything. Not something I really live to do. Nowadays they put you in a twilight sleep and you don't remember anything, at least I don't. And when the test was over I never felt any pain or anything from it. So the test itself is no real problem.

The prep on the other hand is a major pain in the ass. I gotta take this stuff 3 times during the next day and a half which will "cleanse" me from the inside out. Oh yay. After noon today I get nothing solid to eat until after the test on Monday morning. Nothing but broth and clear liquids. Unfortunately white wine doesn't qualify as a clear liquid, I don't think. Be funny to walk into the surgery center already hammered. Not so much for the doc I bet. Anyway the plan is to have a big breakfast this morning and pick up the crap I need to take over the next two days. Then suffer in relative silence, never far from the bathroom over the next 2 days until the "procedure" and then grab a good meal after it's all over. Bet I'm hungry then

Funny story from last week. A little background. Whenever that GEICO commercial comes on where the gecko and the old guy talk about ringtones you can download to your cell phone comes on, my wife threatens to add that Ring-a-dong ding ding di dong one that the old guy has on his phone. So after my echocardiogram, I went into the men's room at the medical building before I left. An old guy is taking a leak in there when I went in and as soon as I do his cell phone goes off. "Ringy dong ding ding di dong" is the first thing I hear. I almost lost it as soon as I heard it. Guy had to be in his 70s. It was all I could do to keep from laughing until he left. I really can't believe people are downloading that ring tone, especially old guys. Maybe his kids or grandkids did it to him. Either way, it was pretty funny.

Anyway, that is all the news fit to print. Needless to say the only gambling I will do this weekend will be online now. Have a great weekend everyone. Stay lucky you nuts.


Anonymous said...

Colonoscopy's not so bad dude.I was well beyond "Twilight", and when it was over, it was over. Now going in after the kidney Stones with a surgical type grappling hook, and then wearing a Stint afterword for a week,Little string hanging out the end of your dick and rubbing on the little "I gotta piss nerve", Had to keep checking myself as I felt like I was pissing my pants, solidly for a week. Came time for it to come out, The Doc said 2 shots of good whiskey, a warm shower, and then pull the damn thing out. whehhhlll that was fun. This gettin old shit is for the birds...

The Neophyte said...

Sounds like a blast, hopefully I get to skip that one. Then again, no guarantees. Getting old sucks but it does beat the alternative

lightning36 said...

I learned an important lesson when starting the cleansing for my colonoscopy: don't take a nap!!

I drank my cleansing liquid in lemon Gatorade, then ate lemon jello. You can guess what things looked like. lol