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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Clutching my 3 for all I'm worth

Good morning all and happy 4th of July Weekend

I hope all of you will take a moment this weekend to consider the origination of this holiday, the people who put their names on a document that surely would see them hung if their idea of a new society was unsuccessful, and all the sacrifices our ancestors made along with the ones our neighbors and even our families are making today.

As my title implies, I have been doing my damndest to hold onto the cash I've won so far without giving it all back. I go up a little, down a bit and at the end of the day I just hope I'm back where I started from. I just can't get over the hump and make a big score. Having said that, I have done well to avoid going on an extended losing streak as well. So I sit and wait sure that the poker gods will reward my patience. yeah right.

Yesterday afternoon I had an Echocardiogram run on me. Interesting experience, never had one before. The technician had a hard time finding my heart. She said it was 2 sizes to small. The only one she had seen that small before was a guy named Mr Grinch lol. Actually not true and the test went fine. Probably ok but I'll be talking to the doctor soon and she'll tell me how it looked. Next week I have a CAT scan scheduled. Oh yay. Haven't had one in over 20 years but they were no picnic for me when I was getting them regularly (I had cancer many years ago and part of the follow up was quarterly CAT scans) and setting records for projectile vomiting. According to the specialist I saw, they are much quicker and easier now. Also this time I don't have to choke down the crap I had to drink the other times I had a CAT scan. So hopefully it's not as bad this time around. The following week some dude gets to ram a garden hose up my butt and he gets paid to do it. Some job huh? I should be the one getting paid for that. Think I'll bring that up.......after they finish.

Enough of that fun stuff. Makes my cringe thinking about all that. This is gonna be a quiet weekend for me, outside of fireworks I'm sure one of my idiot neighbors will set off at 2 or 3 am this weekend. We should get rained on at some point every day as well. I'm too broke to be playing cards live this weekend so I'll be online trying to increase my number a good bit. Gotta hit the library and pick up a few books as well. Other than that I got the kitchen floor and my car to clean. Like I said, a really busy active weekend ahead. Hope you all enjoy yours. Stay lucky you nuts.


Josie said...

Now, now Neo, don't be a baby. You won't even feel that hose (that's what I say to all the guys lolll).

GL with the tests!!

I'm having a hard time holding onto my FT winnings too...here's to a successful weekend!

Happy Independence Day!

The Neophyte said...

Actually I prolly won't feel anything, never have before (this is my 4th time) but it's all the prep that sucks for this procedure. I remember the first time I had it they told me to go home and rest and take it easy on the foods but my first stop on the way home was to grab a huge country style breakfast. Of course having only clear liquids for 36 hours before time can work you up a bit of an appetite lol.

Still hanging onto the 3, almost increased it nicely yesterday but was playing tired and blew it last night. Happy Independence Day to you too Josie, even if you do live in the Peoples Volksrepublik of Massachusetts. Hey are there any poker rooms near Rhode Island that you know of? If I get up that way to see family I don't want to have to go all the way to Foxwoods to play, not that going to Foxwoods is such a bad thing.

Josie said...

Hmmm I will get back to you asap. Foxwoods is the closest, but Jew Boy (Gary) lives in RI, so we'll see what he recommends - i will ask him.

Josie said...

I checked with my Rhode Island connection and there are no poker rooms in RI. There is the good ole seabrook (now rockingham) poker room in NH, but I think Foxwoods may be closer