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Friday, July 23, 2010

Open wide and say "Ahh"

I'm taking the day off today. Unlike some other person who shall remain nameless, I don't normally get Fridays off, except for Good Friday, so this is distinctly different for me. Unfortunately it's not that I earned a day off or anything, it's because I am coughing so much that I would both be unable to function well in my job (which does require phone contact) and infecting the rest of my department with this cold. So now I know how Josie feels except I feel much worse.

I was planning on leaving tonight with the wife and taking a weekend to see a bit of Florida I never have seen before. Now that two of our 3 chicks are out of the nest and the third will soon be attending college, we are taking some time to do some stuff we couldn't do when we were younger and taking care of the kiddies. This weekend we were going to go up the west coast to Steinhatchee which is on Apalachicola Bay where the state bends out to the west toward the panhandle. As long as I've lived here, I really have not gone to see what small town Florida is like, most of my vacations with the kids and stuff were to places like DWorld, Universal Studios, NASA, and places like that or we went somewhere out of state. I haven't really gone on side roads much and never stopped in small towns. This weekend was a chance to do some of that as kind of a delayed birthday present.

First thing this morning I called the Dr office to see if I could get in and have her check out this cold. I was really coughing up a lung last night and this morning. She couldn't see me but one of her associates could so I went in to see him this morning. Had to wait awhile. Must be a bunch of sickies around as parking was full and the place was crowded. Eventually I got in to see him and he checked me out. A lot of this going around apparently. I got 2 prescriptions, one for Zpack? which is supposed to make me recover from this cold quickly and the other for a cough syrup that contains hydrocodone and will make me sleepy.

Anyway its medicine and nap time for me. Will decide later whether to go away or not, it will depend on how I'm feeling. Till then, stay lucky you nuts.

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