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Saturday, July 9, 2011

I got an itch

And I don't think this will cure it.

Looks like poker is on tap again tonight.  That ought to scratch my itch.  I hope my play is better than it has been.  I have been playing a little online to some success though some bad beats keep hitting at the wrong times.  But that is beyond my control, if I get it in good I've done all I can.

This was a busy week at work.  I've learned some new processes which I will be doing next week plus I'm getting trained on a few other things.  Oh yay.  Still, the more I know, the more they need me.  Not a bad problem to have is it?  After all I don't have dirt on the company founder unlike some unnamed female accountant.  From Saugus.  Come to think of it I have family in Saugus as well.  My dad's parents came from that area.  My grandfather was a lifeguard at Revere Beach when he was young and my grandmother lived across the street from the Bunker Hill Monument in Boston. I remember visiting some of the family there when I was young.  Which was a long time ago.

Outside of the work, the only other thing I really did was watch some of the Casey Anthony trial last weekend and the decision this past week.  I commented the week before on another blog how I thought she would get off.  I also thought she was guilty as well but I just didn't see any way the state proved she did it.  I was hoping if the jury let her off that they would convict her of a lesser charge.  Problem was there never was an incidence of child abuse the state could tie to her and without even a cause of death for the baby, how do you convict of even manslaughter.  The state did a good job of pointing to Casey Anthony and making sure the jury knew who lied to the cops again and again but that is no proof of someone being a killer.  And since she never took the stand, there was no testimony in court that the state could point to and say "She lied again, she must have done it."  In the end the jury convicted her of the only thing they could, 4 counts of lying to the cops.  The judge imposed the strictest sentence he could of 1 year for each count to serve consecutively but with time served, gain time, and good behavior the 3+ years she's served is enough to get her out of jail on July 17.  Great, happy birthday to me.  My present is Casey Anthony goes free.   Unlike my friend Mr Lightning, I take no great pleasure in that one.

I love DVR.  I get to watch my shows when I want to, I don't have to stay up till 11 to see some of them, and I get to skip those annoying commecials.  I swear between most of those Progressive commercials (I just can't stand that Flo chick) and that AT&T commercial where the guy lays his phone on the table with a tarantula picture on it and the other guy takes off his shoe and slams it.  What is it with AT&T commercials?  That are generally some of the most annoying on tv.  Those Owen Wilson commercials naming all those people covered by AT&T?  Annoying as hell.  This latest one?  Even more annoying.  My wife says I get annoyed too easily, especially at stuff outside my control.  She's probably right. 

The last couple of weeks have been good to my stock portfolio at least.  All of my mining stocks were up nice but the biggest gainer was actually Cal-Maine Foods (symbol CALM).  I'm not sure why the stock went up so nicely but a 15% gain in about 3 weeks is nice.  Too bad all of my stocks haven't done that well.  I dumped a couple of losers and am looking to dump at least one or 2 more and I have a couple I am thinking of buying.  But I gotta do more homework on them first.

Well that's all for now.  Gotta hit the showers and then get ready to take down the tourney at Derby Lane.  So I'm outta here.  Tomorrow maybe I'll drive over to the Orange County Detention Center and drop your contact info off to Casey Anthony for ya Lightning.  Till then stay lucky you nuts


Josie said...


BTW I had a grandfather who was a life guard at Revere Beach too! My Dad's dad. I bet we're practically related!

The Neophyte said...

Well damn, we could be at that.

Josie said...

Of course YOUR grandfather was probably 50 years older than mine. :P

The Neophyte said...

Really?? You wanna go there?? I know "ladies" over 40 can be touchy about their age so I don't usually get into this type of back and forth, but I am willing to make an exception for you Jose

You may be right however as my grandfather was born in 1898 and was a Marine in WW1. Probably makes him 15-20 years older than yours.

lightning36 said...

Josie and The Neophyte related? I think there are probably lots of jokes that could be made, but I will defer.

Thanks for your assistance with Casey. If I come to visit I'll let you know. I might be out partying late, though ...

The Neophyte said...

Apparently so will she so the two of you will get along famously.