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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Channeling my inner donkey

Haven't posted in a while so a quick recap is in order. Played last Saturday in the 8 pm tourney. For the most part I played well I thought. Got very little going early but stayed patient and by the time of the first break I had doubled up when I flopped a straight with J10 and took out a guy with QQ. He raised 3x preflop and with other callers I felt compelled to call from the Big Blind.

Later on it got interesting. Two guys got moved to the table. I was sitting on a better than average stack but they had about as many chips as I did. Blinds were 200/400 and I was UTG with 66. I limped in as I didn't feel like raising that in 1st position. 4 others limped to the big blind who raised to 1500. I had seen him raise a previous hand on what I felt was BS and I just didn't put him on much there, so I reraised to 4K. The other new guy in seat 10 called as did the Big Blind. I wasn't that concerned about the big blind but was unhappy about seat 10 calling. Flop is K22. I did not put either of them on AK, seat 10 never raised and the big blind didn't bet the flop so I pushed 6K in after the flop. Maybe I should push all in there but I was a little leery. Guy in seat 10 folded and the guy in the big blind agonized for a while. I was wondering if he had KQ and was putting me on AK or AA. That is the great thing about being the aggressor, they have to make that decision. we had about equal stacks and more than half my stack was in the pot not so if he pushes, I'm not sure what I do next. But I didn't have to as he folded. Just to let the table know I would push hard with less than a premium holding (as all they had seen me play was big pairs and made hands) I flipped over the 66. Big blind was happy as he folded 55 which surprised me a little but not much. I can see him moving like that preflop with 55. And figuring me for a king on that flop. Seat 10 was another story. He was very unhappy as he tossed QQ figuring I had AA or AK. See what I mean? It has taken me a while to learn to be aggressive like that when I don't hit. But it is helping.

Unfortunately I lost it all later. Got moved to another table next to a big stack. He played LOOSE as I saw the first hand he raised preflop and then raised after the flop. He had 52 suited though he didn't know I saw his cards when he folded. I don't get much for awhile and steal a couple of small pots but then get QQ under the gun. I raise 4x and he is the only caller. Flop is 10 8 2. I make a bet of 2/3 the pot and he calls. Turn is a J. He checks and I bet again. He pushes all in and I don't think long enough. If it was Josie next to me, I know I fold but it wasn't. However he did play that shitty J10 into mean. I called for all my chips just to get no help on the river. Now we were down to 3 tables less a few players at this point and he had a big stack then. Should have walked to the final table. He was out before they got to 15 players. Play like a dimbulb, lose like a dimbulb. And calling big raises with J10 then calling with top pair shitty kicker will do that to ya.

I played some 1-1 no limit after that with my wife at the same table. She was getting whacked. I earned back my tourney entry. If I hadn't been supporting her too, I would have raked. I hit a number of draws, made straights a lot of times. People would not raise enough to get me out of pots when I had good draws. Never had a day like that. I busted some good hands too. Hint people, raise preflop and raise good after the flop. These crappy little raises of 5 or 6 bucks into a 25 buck pot is not gonna get me out when I have 10-9 on a J-8-4 flop. I had a really good read on the table too. So it was an ok night though I busted my wifes AA with 35 when she didn't follow this rule either. Also got people to lay down better hands when I pushed straighty boards when all I had was top pair and not a great kicker. You show down a few straights and everyone believes you for some reason.

Thursday the wife and I headed back to sign up for the Valentine's day tourney. Its a tradition for us as we have played 5 or 6 times. I have done well in the tourney cashing 2 or 3 times. She has managed to make it to the end of the tourney exactly once, last year. It's a timed tourney and the end of 6 levels or so they add up the total of each couple's chips and the top 5 couples get paid. Tourney is limited to 50 couples. We took 2nd one year I know of (I did as she went out early that year) and last year we got third as I did decently and she made it to the end and had enough chips left to push me from 4th or 5th up to third for us. Its a fun tourney for sure. And it's what she likes for Valentine's Day so a win/win from my perspective.

Just played a 180 person sit n go online. Played pretty well I thought and made the money. Again was aggressive once I got some chips though it took a while to get there. Luckily right before 2nd break I raised 4x with 77 and got one caller, the big stack on the button. Flop was beautiful KJ7. I C bet 1500 into a 2600 chip pot and the big stack raises me to 4000. I had about 7500 left so if I call him I'm committed. I didn't put him on KK as he would have reraised me. Maybe JJ but more probably I figured he had a big K, KJ or Q10. Hoped he just had a big K and pushed all in. He called with AK and I turned quads to bring double my stack up and put me in 2nd of 35 at the 2nd break. Top 18 get paid.

After the break the cards dried up. I managed to steal a couple of pots to but also had to give up some raises to reraises. By the time we got to 22 I was down to 13th with a slightly below average stack. I couldn't catch a decent hand it seemed and every raise was into people with bigger hands. Last raise was A9 in middle position. Got called by button with a big stack and then the small blind pushed all in for about half me stack. He was playing very tight so I put him on better than A9, besides I didn't want to get middled here and get reraised all in by the big stack if I called. So I dumped and was happy when the big stack called with 10-10. Small blind had AA and I blew a sigh of relief as he doubled up.

I picked up a couple of small pots to stay viable and was 13 of 18 when the bubble broke. Blinds and ante's increased and I had to dump my blinds to big raises a couple of times. Before long I am small stack with 16 left. Blinds are 300-600 when I wake up UTG with AA. Figure my best bet is to push there so I go all in for 5600. I get called by the former big stack - no surprise there and by a pretty big stack next to him. Flop is K43 and the ex big stack pushes in and is called by the guy next to him and he shows 99. The biggie shows A7 of clubs. There is one club on the board and nothing else for him. of course the turn and river are a 5 and 6 and he makes a straight to knock us both out. That sucked as I should have tripled up there which would have put me right back into things. But I cashed and I was fairly happy with my play. I saw the big stack who was now a bigger big stack managed to go out 10th. He lost all the chips he got from that hand plus some after about 10 minutes. A bad player can't wait to give his chips away it seems, especially if he is gonna put a fair amount in the pot with nothing and no real draw as well. Some stats for the Hoyazo - Played in 163 hands, saw the flop in 35 or about 21%. 17 of those were from the blinds so I saw 18 of 123 non blind hands or 14.6%. Probably a little high for me. I won 20 without a showdown and 5 of 7 showdowns. I think that's a fair percentage 25 of 35 hands won that I entered. Too bad I didn't win that last showdown. Well that's enough for now. Hope all you nuts are staying lucky, luckier than me at least.

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