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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Just hitting my stride

Just a short note from the Land of Enchantment, no isn't that New Mexico?  How about the land of anything goes?  First two days have been difficult on the gambling front but yesterday seemed to turnin our favor .  The PQ got on a mini run playing VP at the Hard Rock of all places and I did ok everywhere we went but small profits only.

We were downtown on Monday night getting killed at the D and Binions (well I did ok at Binions at least) but I could not believe the zoo that awaited us on Fremont St when we were leaving.  Wow just about anything goes there. It was wild. Strange. And a lot of other things.

Well gotta run, breakfast at the Peppermill is waiting.  Hope y'all are having as much fun as I am.


KenP said...

Sure, we're all having just as much fun as you folks.

Fer sure.


Why is my nose growing?

angerisagift said...

i love FREMONT !!!!!!!!! so no fried oreos??

Memphis MOJO said...

Besides the fried Oreos, there are fried Twinkies, too. Have fun.

lightning36 said...

angerisagift may love Fremont, but I hated being there on a Friday night last July. Crowded, low life central, thought I was at a wife beater fashion show. I'll take The Strip any day.

Rob said...

I'm sometimes stuck on Fremont on Saturday nights....if I do well at the Binion's tournament (a big IF lately).

It is a shit-show and not for everyone.

But sometimes it's good for blogging material. :)

Surprised it was so bad on a Monday nite tho. Never been there then.

angerisagift said...

@ Mojo tru and just as delicious,sir. @lightning comeon.professor. put down yr pumpkin spice latte and gluten free bagel with organic free trade cream cheese and rub elbows with the people,sir LOL

The Neophyte said...

I think the Veterans Day holiday on Tuesday had a lot to do with Monday nights action downtown. While the thought of a deep fried Twinkie is intoxicating I've had so many things this week in the unhealthy category that I'll have to take a pass. Lightning you are at least partly right. The best one word description for the atmosphere on Fremont st is "sketchy"