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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Making plans

Well the PQ and I have been putting together our schedules for this summer to plan out the annual Neophyte birthday trip and extravaganza.  Over the past few years we have taken the opportunity around my birthday to travel the highways and byways (mostly byways) of the south in search of ................ nothing at all.  When we started this I was determined to see parts of Florida I had never seen before because after living here for more than 20 years I really had not been much of anywhere away from the coasts, main cities, or theme parks.  Which led us to such metropolises (metropolii?) as Cedar Key, Steinhatchee, Micanopy, Two Egg, Steam Mill, and Little Hope.  But we've seen parts of Florida I never expected to and really enjoyed the trip and relaxed along the way. 

This year we are switching it up a little.  We'll still be doing some travelling but we'll be seeing such cities as Mesquite (sorry Lucki, not in Texas), Littlefield, Springdale, and Hurricane.  No these cities are in Utah, Arizona, and Nevada which means we are going to VEGAS.   Not quite the byways of the south but hey, its VEGAS!!  We'll be there in mid July in time for the last few days of the main event of the WSOP.  I know visiting Vegas in the middle of the summer is probably not the brightest idea we've had but it works out well for us.  BTW, Hurricane Utah?? Really?? Maybe we should name a city Blizzard, Florida. Both are about as likely.  We also got 5 of the 6 days comped at Ballys so that cuts down on the expenses just a little bit.  So we are defnitely looking forward to this trip and the one we will take a few weeks after when we head back to New Orleans.

So even though it's 5 months in the future, we are ready to go on vacation.  We're setting up rental cars and checking into places to go.  Looks like we'll visit Zion National Park among other places.  To get there you have to drive a good way through the Virgin River Valley along I-15 which I've been told is very picturesque.  We'll be playing some poker, video poker, and the like while we also visit some of our favorite restaurants like Hash House A Go Go, The Bellagio Breakfast Buffet and of course, In and Out Burger.  Hopefully some of you will be around then as well.  You'll have plenty of opportunities to take some cash off a donk like me. 

Well unlike the PQ, I am working in the AM so it's time to sign off.  Hope everyone had a good weekend. 


Memphis MOJO said...

Sounds like a dream vacation. I especially would like to see Zion.

Rob said...

Sounds like a great trip. Visiting Vegas in July is perfect really. Outside it will be a comfy 115 degrees, and if you play inside the convention center where the WSOP is held, it will be a toasty 45 degrees.

By the way, I know you'll be hitting Vegas but there actually is a poker room in Mesquite (the Eureka). Never played there myself, but it does exist.

Not sure of my plans but I'll likely be there at the end of WSOP so hopefully we can get together.

Yakshi said...

Such a well-planned trip so far in advance. Kudos. Sounds like a lot of fun. Good luck in Vegas!

I also like checking out the less-traveled places. "Two Egg" is a good pic.

lightning36 said...

Sounds like a great trip!

As much as I like the Belaggio breakfast buffet, I now rank the Wicked Spoon buffet (Cosmopolitan) as my favorite in Las Vegas.

I am surprised that you got the room deal you did at Bally's. It appears that Caesars has been tightening up its comp offers -- along with now charging a resort fee.

I will likely be going to Las Vegas sometime during the WSOP but should be long gone by the time you get there, unfortunately.

Lucki Duck said...

If you DO travel thru Mesquite (Tejas)sometime, give me a shout and Ms Duck and I will meet you for a meal :)

The Neophyte said...

Any trip to Vegas is a dream vacation Mojo, unless of course your trip involves a free stay in the Clark County Detention Center.

I do hope you're there Rob, I would love to meet you in your element.

I find I need to plan a bit more than Quincy does Yakshi but he is much more successful than I am so maybe I should take a page out of his book and get an agent to plan for me.

We will definitely check out the Wicked Spoon one morning Light. I'm sorry you won't be there when we get there so I hope you save a tourist or two for me to fleece. Or perhaps I will be the fleeced tourist in the end.

I will be heading out there sometime in the next few years Lucki as I'm sure I will go by the old alma mater (Univ of Dallas) one of these days. I'll definitely let you know when the PQ and I do.

The Neophyte said...

By the way Yakshi, the Two Egg sign is the most stolen sign in Florida. While I was getting my pic taken underneath it, a state trooper drove by and eyed me the whole way.

Yakshi said...

Speaking of stolen signs, my brother, back when he was 16 and attending Catholic school, stole a sign from the school parking lot that read: "Student of the Month."

He had somehow snapped it from its wooden fence post.

Nobody in the family realized it until my mother, two decades later, found it cleaning out her garage.

The things people will steal . . .