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Monday, April 2, 2012

25 Things - The Belated Edition

While it is a bit late, I also decided to do a list of 25 things about me.  some of these things I may have mentioned while blogging but I'm too lazy to go back and check. 

1.  Though born and raised in Rhode Island, I have lived in the South far longer than in New England

2.  I went off to college in Texas sight unseen outside of a few brochures.  Never visited or saw the place until I got there.

3.  I am a cancer survivor for 28 years now.  My older brother is also a long time cancer survivor.

4.  I've been married to my wife for 27 years.  When I met her I thought she was part Asian.  Much to my dismay she was not.  I eventually got over it.

5.  Kate Jackson was always my favorite Charley's Angel.

6.  As I get older I find I forget common things, from names of ballplayers to steet names.  I am bothered by this

7.  Alzheimers scares the shit out of me.  I saw early onset with both my grandmother (on my mom's side) and my mother in law right now.  If I cannot identify my own child, someone please use my S&W on me.

8.  I have 2 brothers and one sister.   When I am with them we are pretty close but we don't see each other very much with one in DC, me in FL and the other 2 in RI.  When we are apart it's almost out of sight, out of mind.

9.  When I was young I wanted to be an air traffic controller.  Not long after I moved to FL they were recruiting and I did well on their tests and was invited to Oklahoma for training.  I turned it down as I didn't want to move from FL and after training it was likely I would be somewhere like Tenn. 

10.  I am not very patient and can have a quick temper, especially while driving.  I've been working on it for the last 30 years.  Not particularly successfully.

11.  Perhaps it was best I didn't become an ATC

12.  I let most stuff go pretty quickly but have been known to hold a few grudges a long time.  I do not like that about myself. 

13.  I'm an avid reader and when not distracted by things like work and poker and life I've been known to read big books - think seven or eight hundred pages - in a couple of days.  Smaller 300 page books in a day or less.

14.  I never played soccer when I was young but since my high school didn't have a football team I learned to play then.  I was the back up goalie for 3 years.

15.  My college didn't have football either so I also played soccer there.  I was the starting goalie for two and a half years.

16.  I have 2 messed up knees and one bad ankle from those days

17.  I started working in restaurants at 15 and did everything from wash dishes to manage a burger joint.  I'm no chef but I am a pretty good short order cook.  My father always said if you learned how to cook you'll never lack for a job and he was right.   The local diners always need cooks.

18.  The best thing I cook are omelets followed by meat loaf.  Emeril I am not.

19.  Growing up in Rhode Island I never ate the following foods until I went off to college in Texas:  Tacos (or any Mexican food), Corn dogs, Okra, Biscuits and Gravy, and Chicken Fried Steak. 

20.  My favorite foods include Mexican food, Corn Dogs, Biscuits & Gravy, Chicken Fried Steak, Shrimp, Italian food, Corned Beef Hash and Tuna fish.  I do not eat Okra however.

21.  When I first went to Texas people looked at me crazy when I told them I didn't drink iced tea.  They really thought I was nuts when I said I liked Iced Coffee.  Now there's a McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks on every corner where you can get Iced Coffee.  Even in Texas.

22.  I enjoy singing and will sing about any song from Simon and Garfunkle, Jim Croce, Restless Heart, or George Strait.  The PQ loves the way I sing but I have no range.

23.  I can't dance to save my life.  I have no sense of timing or rhythm. 

24.  Cultured I am not.  It would be a waste of money for me to buy tickets to the opera.  Most modern art is completely lost on me.  I don't care for musicals either.  Though not born in the south, I appear to be well on my way to becoming a redneck

25.  The trend today to get tattoos everywhere just grosses me out.  Guys with tattoos down their arms, neck, back, etc is just too over the top for me.  Women with tattoos??  OMG.  And don't get me started on facial piercings  (or anywhere else for that matter).  I guess I am just too damned old.


Lucki Duck said...

5- What? Have you not seen the Farrah poster?

16- Soccer will do that to you.

22- We could definitely exchange 8 tracks!

lightning36 said...

Hmmm ... I have the Farrah poster and even bought a tee shirt with the poster picture on it. That being said, Kate ... ahhhhhhhh.

I thought that I was one of the few who still remembers and reveres Jim Croce. In fact, if I ever visit Wolfshead, I plan on visiting Jim Croce's grave, which I imagine is pretty close to Wolfie's house. If I ever visit San Diego, I plan on going to the restaurant that his wife runs.

The Neophyte said...

Oh I remember the Farrah poster quite well Lucki but there was just something about Kate Jackson that always made my 16 year old hormones rage.

Jim Croce was so damned good and so forgotten today. His death was a tragedy especially since he had finally made it really big.

Carmel said...

I know I'm late but nice post!